Automatic Model Loading on Server Startup

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer models can be loaded automatically into the server memory already when the server starts. When models are large and loading takes a long time, it's useful to pload the models in advance. The automatic loading can be switched on in the Model properties dialog (available in the models list in the header) in the Details tab by changing the Load Model on Startup checkbox.

For models that are set to load automatically on server startup, you also need to set the 'Drop Unused Model After setting to a large value to make sure that it remains in the memory even if it's not used (e.g. 100.00:00:00).

It's possible to control how many models are loaded simultaneously at maximum, to limit how much server capacity the model loading can use. The default value is two models at the same time. To change this setting, see the PA_Configuration table. This setting only affects the model loading on startup (not model loading initiated by users). If loading of a model fails, the loading continues to the next model.

Model loading is also started, when running a calculation for the model. When a calculation, that initiated a model loading, is cancelled, model loading is still continued. If a calculation is waiting for a model to be loaded, and model loading is cancelled, an error is returned to user waiting for the calculation.

Note also the security context used to load models.