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Datatables are used to store any kind of tabular data within QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The data in datatables can be loaded into QPR ProcessAnalyzer models by linking models to the datatables. Datatables can also be used as part of the ETL process. Datatables belong to projects, and a project can have multiple datatables. Users need to have the global ||User_Roles_and_Permissions_in_QPR_ProcessAnalyzer|CreateModel]] permission, to create datatables. Datatable names are unique within a project.

Managing Datatables

The Project Workspace window is used to manage datatables. In the window, the datatables tab lists the datatables in the selected project. The following information is displayed on the datatables tab by default:

  • Project: project the datatable belongs to.
  • Data Table: Datatable name.
  • Created On: date and time when the datatable was created.
  • Created By: user created the datatable.
  • Columns: number of columns in the datatable.
  • Rows: number of rows in the datatable.
  • Last Modified On: date and timethe datatable was last modified.
  • Last Modified By: user last modified the datatable.
  • Last Imported On: date and time data was last added to the datatable.
  • Last Imported By: user last added new data to the datatable.

If you need the DataTableId in your scripts, the datatable tab of the Workspace dialog can show the datatables id's in the following way:

  1. Right click a column title and select Column Chooser from the popup.
  2. Drag the Id column to the desired position.

Import Data to Datatables

  1. On the QPR tab, click Project Workspace.
  2. The Workspace dialog opens. Click the Import button.
  3. The Import Wizard opens. Select datatable to be imported and click Next.
  4. Depending on the source you are importing from, select Current Worksheet, Database via SQL Query, or Text File and click Next.
  5. If you want to create a new project for the datatable, select Create New and type in the name for the table. If you want to import the datatable to an existing table, select Add to Existing and select the target table from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Import.

Note: To import to datatables, Project Administrator rights for the target project are needed.

Delete Datatables

  1. On the QPR of the ribbon, click Project Workspace.
  2. The Workspace dialog opens. From the Project drop-down menu, select the project containing the datatable(s) you want to delete.
  3. Select the datatable(s) to be deleted.
  4. Click Delete.

Datatable Limitations

Data stored to Datatables have the following limitations:

  • Maximum number of columns in a datatable is 300.
  • Maximum string length (textual data) that can be stored into a datatable cell is 4000 characters.