Exercise 1: Creating Your First ETL Script

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In this first exercise of QPR ProcessAnalyzer ETL Tutorial, you will create a simple ETL script which writes "Hello World" to a log that is shown after the script execution is completed.

  1. On the QPR tab, click Manage Scripts.
  2. From the Context drop-down menu, select Project. By selecting Project as the context, all models within this project can use the script. For more information on contexts, see Manage Scripts.
  3. From the Selected Project drop-down menu, select ETL Tutorial.
  4. Select New…
  5. Fill in the following properties for the script (for more information, see Script Properties):
    • Name: Hello World
    • Group: Exercise
    • Description: First exercise
    In the Script Code, write the following script:
select 'Hello World'
6. EtlCreate2.png
7. Click Save and then Run to see the result of the script you just created. You will get the following notification:
8. Click Show Details >>. You can see that "Hello World" was written into the log.

Now you can move on to Exercise 2: Creating a Report in Excel.