Exercise 2: Creating a Report in Excel

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In this second exercise of QPR ProcessAnalyzer ETL Tutorial, you will write an ETL script which creates a new Excel sheet for "Hello World".

  1. In the Manage Scripts dialog, from the Context drop-down menu, select Project.
  2. From the Selected Project drop-down menu, select ETL Tutorial.
  3. Select New…
  4. Fill in the following properties for the script:
    • Name: Hello World 2
    • Group: Exercise
    • Description: Second exercise
  5. In the Script Code, write the following script:
SELECT 'HelloWorld';
SELECT 'Title', 'My first report' UNION ALL
SELECT 'SheetName', 'ETL Exercise' UNION ALL
SELECT 'MaximumCount', '0';
6. Click Save and then Run to see the result of the script you just created. You will see "HelloWorld" written into a report in Excel.


Now you can move on to Exercise 3: Showing a Data Table.