Opening QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client

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This page shows, how to log in to your QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client.

Logging in to QPR ProcessAnalyzer

  1. Start your Excel and select the QPR tab.
  2. Click the small arrow under the Start buttonStart arrow.pngand then select Login.
  3. Define Server Address for the web service.
  4. In User Account, type in your credentials to the Logon Name and Password fields.
  5. Select Connect.

By default, credentials are stored after a successful login. If you don't want to store the credentials, untick the Remember Logon Name and Password checkbox.

If the Connect to this product automatically check box is selected, the connection to the server is done automatically when the Start button is clicked, and also if the session expires.

Start Menu

Clicking the Start.png Start button will open a welcome screen. If you select the Do not show this starting page again check box on the welcome screen, the Login page is opened next time you click the Start button.

Clicking the small arrow under the Start button will open a menu where you can open:

The Session Information dialog shows various information about the current session for troubleshooting purposes. It has the following buttons:

  • System Test
  • Open Progress Log: Progress Log lists all operations done recently in QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
  • Configure Scripting...

Commands in Ribbon

QPR ProcessAnalyzer commands are located on the QPR tab on the ribbon: