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QPR ProcessAnalyzer API can be used to create integration with other applications and automate many operations in process mining.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer API is a JSON based API following the REST design principles. All methods (except the Token and ServerInfo) require a prior login which is performed with the Token call with username and password, and the access token is returned as a response for a successful login. The methods requiring the prior authenticated session, need to have a HTTP request header Authorization with value Bearer <access token> in place to identify the session.

Url for calling the API has the following form (replace the server DNS name with a correct one):


Following methods are available:

  • token: Login user using username and password and get a session token as a response.
  • signout: Logs out a user session.
  • expression/query: Runs query written using the expression language and returns result data as response.
  • filters: Get filters for all models or filters for a single model.
  • serverinfo: Gets some basic information about the system, such as the default UI language in whether SSO has been configured (which is needed by the UI).
  • importfile: Import data into datatable from .csv, .xes or .pacm file.
  • usersettings: Save user specific settings to the server.
  • operations/terminate: Stops the defined tasks (by the task id) to save computing resources.
  • analysis/cancel: Stops currently running tasks (by the task identifier) to save computing resources.

In addition, there are methods for