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QPR ProcessAnalyzer makes log of events and operations it is performing into several types of logs that can be used for monitoring, auditing, troubleshooting and many other purposes. QPR ProcessAnalyzer has the following logs:

  • Server log: Server log contains all operations performed by the QPR ProcessAnalyzer server. Location of the server log is configured to LogFilePath setting in the web.config file.
  • Operation Log: logs all the operations performed by the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server. Operations are both requests received by the server from using clients, or operations triggered internally by the server.
  • Script Run Log: logs progress information about previously run and currently running scripts.
  • Installation Debug Log: logs information related to the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel client installation.

Logging works in the exclusive mode, where the log file is reserved for the entire time the process (that makes the logging) is running. Thus it's not possible to edit or delete log files when the process is running.

Security related log entries:

  • When specifying non-existing username, the following log entry is made: User is not found: XYZ
  • When specifying wrong password for an existing user, the following log entry is made: User password is invalid: XYZ
  • When trying to log in with an inactivated account, the following log entry is made: User account is invalid: XYZ