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This page contains new features and fixed issues for each QPR ProcessAnalyzer release. For information on the compatibility of different versions, see Version Compatibility Information.

Next Release: QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 (planned release date 2020-11-10)


The database major version will change in QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8, which means that earlier QPR ProcessAnalyzer releases are not compatible with the database that has been updated to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8. This needs to be taken into account in those environments where multiple versions of QPR ProcessAnalyzer server are run using the same database.

The eventlog data for the legacy models will be removed from the database automatically when updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8. This will lead to a permanent loss of data if all the needed models are not converted into the datatable-based models before updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8. If there are model conversions to be done, install QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.6 that can be used at the same time with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 and make the conversions as described in the release notes for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7. After the conversion, the update to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 can be done (and QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.6 and 2020.7 be uninstalled). If you need help in converting models, please contact customercare@qpr.com.


Fixed issues:

Latest Release: QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 (build 12) (released 2020-09-29)


Support for the legacy models is dropped in QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7, and the models need to be converted to the new datatable-based models before updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7. You can check the model type as follows: Open QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web UI, open the models dropdown list in the header, find the model, open Properties for the model, and go to the Datasources tab. If the Load from Database is yes, the model is a legacy model and requires conversion.

The conversion can be done as follows:

  1. In QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web UI, export the model as a .pacm file by clicking Export Model in the Model Properties (in the Actions tab).
  2. Go to the Datasources tab, change the Load from Database from Yes to No, and change the Cases Datasource to Datatable. The Events Datasource is already correct.
  3. Import the .pacm file back to the same model using the Data Import in the navigation menu. In the import form, select Import to Existing model and choose the model. Checkbox Add to existing data can be in either position.

Notes regarding the conversion:

  • Exporting and importing operations might take long time for very large models.
  • Model id's are not changed in the conversion.
  • Original filters and their id's are preserved but new duplicate filters are created during the import (which can be deleted).

Excel Client protocol version is changed which requires to update QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client when updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7. See more how to update Excel Client.

The version numbering of QPR ProcessAnalyzer has changed, and now releases are identified using a simple version number instead of the previous version format (e.g. 2020.6.0.42152). The version number can be seen in the User Settings in the main navigation menu.


  • 308003: Filter rules can be turned off.
  • 308021: Dimension specific maximum number of items can be defined.
  • 308006: KPI card has customizable colors.
  • 308009: Dimension values can be mapped to colors for visualization.
  • 308008: Chart specific model selection.
  • 308017: Remove left and right axis synchronization in Chart.
  • 307995: Ending tasks in web UI.
  • 307987: Navigation menu width is set based on dashboard names.
  • 307993: Model size estimate is decreased by 20 %.
  • 308018: Bottleneck identification and optimizations for models having lots of cases.
  • 307994: Taken into use functions stdev, stdevp, var and varp in Chart.
  • 308016: Migrate Chart pivot to Syncfusion JS2 PivotTable.
  • 307805: Syncfusion JS2 migration - part 1.
  • 308025: Chart components migration to Syncfusion JS2 (part 1).
  • 307939: Remove manually updated version numbers.
  • 308005: Remove "Dimensions/columns as calculated attributes" and "Chart settings (compacted)" from chart.
  • 307999: Remove legacy model settings from model properties.
  • 308020: Change default bpmn model to empty.
  • 307758: Standard deviation, sample standard deviation, variance and sample variance to expression language.
  • 307976: Angular migration finalization.
  • 307992: In Conformance root causes view, replace datagrid with a chart.
  • 307759: Add requirements and tests to mathematical functions from NCalc.
  • 307879: Optimize preprocessing for model event log.
  • 307916&308010: Drop support for legacy models.
  • 308007: "On-screen settings follow flow selection" to work for all start and event event type selections.
  • 308030: Change password changing to use /api/users/password.
  • 307989: Expression language: Dictionary.Clone-function and improvement to generic ToDictionary and ToDataFrame functions.
  • 308029: Revision number in UI.
  • 308004: Expression designer results field should be editable.
  • 307996&308012: Translation fixes.
  • 307954: Web API for datatables.

Fixed issues:

  • 219429: Chart case attribute dropdown list item count did not match with the chart presentation.
  • 219487: When moving and resizing, presentation objects should be aligned with each other and with the canvas.
  • 219472: Improvements to model and data table loading slowness and memory usage.
  • 219465: "Case/event attribute not found" error messages improved.
  • 219474: Filter rule text said "undefined" for some expression based filters.
  • 219462: User could not fix incorrect chart settings.
  • 219471: "All cases" option was not visible when changing between models that don't have filters.
  • 219488: Filter selection should be cancelled when changing dashboard.
  • 219494: Duration values in flowchart were sometimes rounded incorrectly.
  • 219484: Alignment of dashboard objects was difficult.
  • 219502: When clicking same Case attribute/Event attribute preset again, loading animation staid for ever.
  • 219481: Stdev, stdevp, var and varp functions should return null when there are zero or one items in the array.
  • 219496: Series should be stacked bottom-to-top and from-left-to-right in charts.
  • 219499: Chart colors were reset to default when resizing window.
  • 219480: Attribute+Variation filter resulted in zero cases.
  • 219479: SAML login redirection replaces contains http even if https is configured.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.6 (released 2020-08-18)

Build number: 2020.6.0.42152, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 74, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33. (see more)


  • 307918: Localization for Russian, Spanish, German, Finnish and Swedish.
  • 307921: New dashboard Preview mode is separated from the Edit mode, to be able to temporarily change chart settings without saving them to the dashboard.
  • 307982: Changes to showing model last imported date and additional information to Model Properties dialog.
  • 307983: Editing calculated case and event attributes.
  • 307980: Chart setting "On-screen Settings Follow Flow Selection" to freeze chart from reacting to flow selection.
  • 307824: Expression language function improvements (IndexOf, LastIndexOf, ToString, ParseDateTime, First, Last).
  • 307952: When loading model data, the order of events inside cases is primarily based on the timestamp and secondarily by event row number.
  • 307953: Querying model-datatable linking in expression language.
  • 307817: User management operations to Web API.
  • 307900: Memory consumption improvement for getting number of unique attribute values.
  • 307978: Performance improvement: Taken into use AttributeType.UniqueCount to replace Count(_.Values) in expression used by UI.
  • 307781: ProjectId property is removed from dashboard export files.
  • 307955: Dataframes are loaded in parallel.
  • 307934: AsParallel function implementation has been finalized.

Fixed issues:

  • 219388: Old data comes to dashboard when data imported to datatable.
  • 219412: No scrollbar for both error message and web UI window.
  • 219414: Error message appears in Clustering Analysis for model with zero events and cases.
  • 219419: QueryIdentifier should be excluded from client side query cache.
  • 219426: Script editor cannot save changes in 2020.5 version.
  • 219430: Filtering does not work in PAPO Cases and Event Types when using French.
  • 219431: PAPO Events and Root Causes not working when using French.
  • 219435: Dialogues have small layout issue.
  • 219441: Deletion does not work correctly in folders screen when selecting using shift+ctrl-click.
  • 219160: Hidden case attributes are visible in profiling case analysis, and in Influence Analysis for case attributes settings.
  • 219418: Missing translations for the Clustering analysis.
  • 219446: JavaScript error when closing dialog using the X button.
  • 219444: Deselecting selected item by re-clicking it will not hide the selection buttons in Chart and generates an error in browser console
  • 219449: Prediction fails with certain small models.
  • 219450: Evaluation stack is not generated correctly if an exception occurs while inside a function having no parameters.
  • 219456: Query cache is not cleared when model settings are changed.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.5 (released 2020-06-29)

Build number: 2020.5.0.41888, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 73, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33. (see more)


  • Dashboards structure is simplified, as panels are removed and presentation objects are placed directly to the dashboard canvas. In addition, panel headers are not available anymore. Presentation objects have now background color, border color, border width and border corner radius, that were previously in the panel level. All existing dashboards are automatically migrated to the newer structure. Existing dashboards that have several presentation objects within a same panel, are positioned on top of the others, so in those cases presentation objects need to be repositioned manually after updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.5.
  • IP address verification of user sessions has been removed. Previously, each user session was only allowed from the same IP address. This kind of security feature won't work with IPv6 addresses which usually change more often than IPv4 addresses.


  • 307938: Support for French language.
  • 307868: New dashboard designer that doesn't have panels.
  • 307947: Tables conditional formatting
  • 307948: Dashboard properties layout and terminology changes.
  • 307911: IP address verification has been removed.
  • 307931: Expression language and performance improvements (originated from Spark prototyping).
  • 307774: Web API operation /api/importfile for data import.
  • 307933: Default logging mode has been changed to ExclusiveLock for all components.
  • 307904: Server side support for UI languages.

Fixed issues:

  • 219372: Issue with simultaneous eventlog processing that caused "Value cannot be null" errors and sometimes calculation with incorrect eventlogs.
  • 219375: --#CallWebService didn't work with Content-Type parameter.
  • 219357: UI was stuck to IdP login page when SAML settings (e.g SAMLUserIdAttribute) were misconfigured.
  • 219391: After logout GetOperationProgress failed for validating session.
  • 219408: Removed focus outline border from buttons and textboxes.
  • 219398: ETL Access denied CheckIsInProjectContext.
  • 219373: Case.FlowOccurrences and Case.FlowOccurrencesByType have Variations preprocessing missing.
  • 219382: Query for open operations should not return "open" operations that were started before the server startup time.
  • 219402: Model with LoadOnStartup=true doesn't work with case level permission with expressions referring to current user.
  • 219409: Filters containing event type and variation rules always filter out all cases.
  • 219416: Error in model loading in startup can effect other model loading.
  • 219369: Change error message "Time out while waiting for server response.".
  • 219387: Text filter options opened to left for ChartView making them partly hidden for first column.
  • 219395: Save button not always enabled when editing dashboard.
  • 219396: Context change notification should not be called for closing dashboard charts.
  • 219411: Right click menu issue in PA Flowchart analysis view.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.4 (released 2020-05-26)

Build number: 2020.4.0.41643, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 71, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33. (see more)


  • In QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.4, the deployment package dashboards come with the installation, so there is no deployment package anymore to be installed. The previous deployment package located in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI project can be deleted when 2020.4 is installed.
  • To fix issue Datetimes are incorrect in files exported from data grids (219377), data grid export service needs to be updated from version V001 to V002.
  • Issue workaround: After updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.4, dashboards containing the root causes analysis give an error message about invalid chart configuration. The problem can be fixed as follows: from the JSON text that appears in the full screen text editor, make the following text replacements: "Case Attribute" --> "Case attribute" and "Attribute Value" --> "Attribute value". When the dashboard is saved, the error doesn't appear anymore.
  • To improve performance, for custom expressions in charts it's recommended to replace ??_remove with the RemoveNulls function. Example: Expression Average((_.Attribute("Cost") ??_remove)._) can be changed to Average(RemoveNulls(_.Attribute("Cost"))).
  • To improve performance, for custom expressions in charts it's recommended to change expressions that make duration aggregations to work in a way that the aggregation is made before converting TimeSpans to integers (e.g. to days). Example: expression Average(_.Duration.TotalDays) can be changed to Average(_.Duration).TotalDays.
  • Issue: In Firefox, when opening a dashboard, an error message "Error in chart settings" might appear (the dashboard is still opened correctly). If the issue appears, it's recommended to use Chrome, where the issue does not appear that often. There are no other workarounds available for the issue.
  • Issue: FlowOccurrences and FlowOccurrencesByType properties don't work for Case objects when there are also filter rules applied. Some measures and dimensions use those properties. QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.5 will fix the issue, and for earlier versions there is no workaround.


  • 307859: Deployment package dashboards are embedded to QPR ProcessAnalyzer release.
  • 307899: RemoveNulls function to remove null values from arrays.
  • 307915: Expression language improvements related to CSV file generation.
  • 307809: When dashboard is opened, editing mode is disabled when no rights to edit the dashboard.
  • 307829: Highcharts, Syncfusion, GoJS and some other components have been updated to their latest versions.
  • 307848: Component updates for building QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI.
  • 307882: JavaScript libraries are split into smaller files in release build.
  • 307932: Some PAPO buttons are removed from the tool palette.
  • 307912&307917: ChartView and main header improvements for 2020.4 (parts 1 and 2).

Fixed bugs:

  • 219365: Sometimes system stuck during the time models were being loaded into memory.
  • 219326&219377: Datetimes are incorrect in files exported from data grids (time zone difference) (See also the notes above).
  • 219378: ChartView resizing sometimes didn't work when using full screen.
  • 219371: Error messages have been improved for session expired and unknown error.
  • 219360: Some styles were defined twice in CSS.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.3 (released 2020-04-23)

Build number: 2020.3.0.41450, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 71, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33.


  • 307902 ChartView improvements for 2020.3 hotfix: Custom expressions have by default datatype "auto", added support for binding to multi-select lists in Variable bindings, bugfix: Custom sorting didn't work in presets, bugfix: Aggregation method for Pivot table was not selected correctly.

Fixed bugs:

  • 219370: Dashboards could not be edited by other than administrators.
  • 219361: Flowchart sometimes crashed to ThrowKeyNotFoundException when pressing Root Causes button.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.3 (released 2020-04-16)

Build number: 2020.3.0.41413, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 71, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33.


  • Legacy Chart and Gauge presentation objects are removed from QPR ProcessAnalyzer (they are different than ChartView). If there are dashboards containing those types of presentation objects after updating to 2020.3, there will be a placeholder frame instead with an error message of a non-existing presentation object. To change the dashboard, remove those placeholders and replace with ChartViews. It's recommended to make the replacement to ChartViews before the update, because chart and gauge settings cannot be accessed anymore in 2020.3.
  • ChartView will change from an HTML presentation object to a native presentation object, which ensures that dashboards will work in future releases when the ChartView is evolving. ChartViews created with 2020.2 will be automatically migrated to the native ChartViews in 2020.3. ChartViews created with 2020.1 or earlier releases need to be updated manually by removing the ChartView from the dashboard and replacing it with a new ChartView.


  • 307849: Securely stored strings for passwords.
  • 307746: ChartView is now a native presentation object instead of an HTML presentation object. ChartView's made in 2020.2 are automatically converted to the native presentation objects.
  • 307880: When a datatable model is moved to another project, the linked datatables should also be moved to the project.
  • 307556: Functions to expression language to improve usability and performance: CaseCount, EventCount, EventCountByType and Round.
  • 307895: SQL scripting command for database commit.
  • 307850: Expression language performance improvement by a new way to calling functions and properties.
  • 307858: Expression language: Support for array operators.
  • 307845: Header buttons layout has been improved.
  • 307870: Preprocessings are determined automatically.
  • 307761: Functionality that user doesn't have access is now disabled in the dashboard designer and workspace to avoid access denied errors.
  • 307839: Generic chart and gauge presentation objects are removed.
  • 307863: Automatic redirection to SAML authentication.
  • 307872: API support for querying if SAML is configured.
  • 307846: Error message further improvements.
  • 307888: Error message text changes for Dashboard not found and Multiple dashboards found.
  • 307874 & 307887: ChartView and main header has been improved.

Fixed bugs:

  • 219341: Analysis function unnecessarily required FilterId parameter.
  • 219343: Root causes analysis gave access denied when using Analysis function.
  • 219348: Query cancellation caused database connection leakage.
  • 219332: "Thread was being aborted" returned to client while loading model from datatable.
  • 219321: Removed unnecessary error log lines "Missing expected HttpRequest X-Forwarded-For" that appeared even if UseXForwardedForAsClientIp=false.
  • 219335: [_remove ]._ or empty array is not handled correctly in a KPI dimension.
  • 219340: default.aspx does not work.
  • 219330: EditDashboards permission should be needed for target project when moving dashboards between projects.
  • 219347: Queries done by the main header were cancelled when view is changed.
  • 219355: Expression language: Was unable to use properties of the parent context in dictionary initialization.
  • 219346: PAPO flowchart should have by default median duration shown on flows and flow counts hidden.
  • 219333: PAPO generated incorrect filter JSON and unnecessary query.
  • 219311: When opened a view by identifier, the view was fetched twice from the server.
  • 219329: Unnecessary information was stored in database for dashboard definitions.
  • 219362: Issues with session expiration checks.
  • 219364: Session expiration with SAML authentication configured gives incorrect error message.
  • 219344: Case count view in model manager header and Home view can cause unwanted model loading.
  • 219242: Flowchart is not updated correctly after event type filtering.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.2 (released 2020-03-09)

Build number: 2020.2.0.41129, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 67, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33.


  • Expression language has now a conditional operator "if" and variable declaration operator "let". In earlier QPR ProcessAnalyzer versions, the expression language had functions If and Let which earlier could also be written in lowercase (i.e. "if" and "let"). Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.2, the lowercase versions refer to the conditional and variable declaration operators, and the uppercase versions refer to the corresponding functions. If there are expressions containing "If" and "Let" functions written in lowercase, please change them starting with uppercase.
  • Issue workaround: The Root Causes analysis don't work (shows empty) in the right side chart (PAPO) of the Process Discovery view. The issue can be fixed as follows by an administrator: click the Edit toggle button, click the right side chart, click the Edit icon in the top right of the chart, click the chart again, click Properties icon in the top right of the chart, open Variables tab, find the InfluenceAttributeTypeId variable, and change its value to empty (instead of 20). Click Close twice to go back to the main level and click Save button. The issue will be fixed to 2020.3.
  • Issue workaround: In ChartView, the Duration between events measure and dimension don't work when there are filters in use (the chart is empty). Workaround is to add the following Suffix expression to the measure or dimension settings (without quotes): "//eventtypes". The issue will be fixed to 2020.3.


  • 307779: SAML 2.0 support for PA UI.
  • 307789: PAPO now supports ModelId variable and new filters.
  • 307854: Filter selector for main header.
  • 307844: Improved main header (visible in view designer and workspace) (part 2).
  • 307820: Improved main header (visible in view designer and workspace).
  • 307840: Model loading script is now run in a security context allowing access to the project. Setting AllowExternalDatasources for disabling ODBC interfaces.
  • 307763: Root causes analysis supports multiple case attributes.
  • 307737: Datatable columns can be queried without loading entire datatable into memory.
  • 307780: When user logs in, last used model and default filter of the model is added to the session context.
  • 307547: Expression filter rule supports value conversion expression for better compatibility with e.g. date values.
  • 307841: Expression language has a new function Case.DurationBetweenEvents.
  • 307819: Expression language improvements for functions, variables and statements.
  • 307827: New function EventsWindow (and expression optimization to take it into use automatically)
  • 307794: GenericWrite permission should see model object counts when case level permissions are in use.
  • 307776: Effective permissions can be queried using expression language.
  • 307838: /api/projects returns effective permissions for each project.
  • 307832: Browser side caching has been optimized for performance.
  • 307787: Session data and permission are cached for improved performance.
  • 307853: Memory management operations to expression language.
  • 307803: Error message improvements (part 2).

Fixed bugs:

  • 219198: In web.config, empty setting names are formatted as <value></value>.
  • 219199: In web.config, ResponsePollingInterval is 3600000.
  • 219200: Model.EstimatedMemory gave too large estimate for models with lot of event types.
  • 219222: AggregateOthers didn't work with MaximumRowCount when dimensions is null in expression analysis.
  • 219276: It should be possible to set filter to be model default filter when the filter is created.
  • 219280: It should be possible to delete model default filter.
  • 219275: Changing model default filter should only be possible for ManageViews permission.
  • 219297: Designer user can delete other people published filter from web UI but cannot delete it from PA Excel Client.
  • 219285: Expression filter gives "Value was either too large or too small for an Int32".
  • 219304: Expression analysis returning DataFrame doesn't work in SQL script that prints to Excel sheet.
  • 219251: Sample files removed from \\Release\Files\OfficeAddIns\Excel\Example Data.
  • 219293: AnalyzeConformance function throws KeyNotFoundException - variation data missing.
  • 219261: Restored model model could not be open.
  • 219271: Invalid security notification when using Excel client.
  • 219298: X-Forwarded-For handled incorrectly in Functions.GetClientIpAddress.
  • 219305: Decimal datatype caused problems in the expression language.
  • 219323: Delete operation deleted unexpected project, models and datatables.
  • 219337: EventTypes in ModelInformation in PA response should contain entire model data.
  • 219339: Expression language: If statement without false statement causes an exception if the condition is false.
  • 219172: Invalid filterId causes "Internal server error" and " Method Not allow" error.
  • 219258: Exception message is not shown properly in PA Web UI for FaultException.
  • 219281: Improving the error handling for invalid ModelId.
  • 219284: Client side forces filterId=0 even if filter is not mentioned.
  • 219313: After adding the same existing panel twice, not possible to delete it from the view.
  • 219320: Duplicate id on PanelDesigner field-properties.html template.
  • 219336: When PAPO is added from tool palette, InfluenceAttributeTypeId variable contains invalid value "20" (should be empty).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.1 (released 2020-01-21)

Build number: 2020.1.0.40909, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 65, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 32.


  • 307749: Support for importing data to the datatable models.
  • 307813: DataSourceType parameter to --#ImportEvents and --#ImportCaseAttributes ETL scripting commands.
  • 307743: Backend support for saving the new filters.
  • 307775: Effective dashboard permissions are included to dashboard definition when fetched from the server.
  • 307772: Dashboard project path is added to dashboard definition when fetched from the server.
  • 307778: When saving a view, the view is not anymore reloaded unnecessary.
  • 307810: Expression language adjustments.
  • 307818: Drop support for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client for Excel 2013.

Fixed bugs:

  • 219236: Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.dll and Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.xml files missing when installing QPR ScriptLauncher from the installation package.
  • 219291: QPR ProcessAnalyzer didn't work in https only configuration.
  • 219264: DataFrameMode enabled for KPI analysis even if Values have been defined (but Dimensions is empty).
  • 219223: Variable function don't work with upper case variables.
  • 219267: Viewing DataFrame contents in KPI analysis gives incorrect results.
  • 219279: DataFrame columns by name is unavailable inside user defined functions in KPI analysis.
  • 219259: It should be possible to enable CORS from all origins.
  • 219274: "Inconsistent or unavailable ids" error when using all cases filter.
  • 219290: Getting contents of a dashboard is slow in a customer environment.
  • 219286: User could not open any models after using broken model.
  • 219227: Slowness in model creation when read data from datasource - event cost calculation improvements.
  • 219250: Slowness in event creation when read data from datasource - group by event sorting.
  • 219292: Performance issue in /api/uielements as it unnecessarily fetched dashboard contents.
  • 219295: Client side fix for 219292.
  • 219269: Query results were handled incorrectly in the client side - datatype is cell specific, not column specific.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.9 (released 2019-12-18)

Build number: 2019.9.0.40754, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 63, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 32.


  • Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.9 the separately installed QPR UI is not needed anymore. Instead, the web UI is now part of QPR ProcessAnalyzer and does not require a separate installation. The new UI can be accessed in http(s)://SERVER/QPRPA/ui/ (where SERVER is the hostname of your QPR ProcessAnalyzer server). Dashboards in the old QPR UI are not moved automatically to QPR ProcessAnalyzer, and also the QPR UI dashboard export files are not compatible with the new QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307785: Angular Migration: Migrate ProcessAnalyserService.
  • 307786: Angular Migration: Migrate FieldPropertiesUtils.

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219262: Login to PA UI is not possible when there is + character in the password
  • 219263: Opening dashboard which definition is large
  • 219257: It should be possible to get DataFrame cell value by column name in expression analysis

Old Releases

See older releases in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Release Archive