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Welcome to QPR UI Applications Wiki! QPR UI Applications enable leaders and managers to lead organizations with insight and confidence. The applications provide concise, easy to use and communicable views on the organization that support strategic management, operational development, operations and digitalization.

QPR UI Applications are value adding HTML5 applications that are deployed over the QPR UI platform. As such, QPR UI Applications don't work without QPR backend platforms, QPR ProcessAnalyzer or QPR Suite.

Available QPR UI Applications


QPR UI Applications are installed over QPR UI using deployment packages.

Install Deployment Package

  1. Download the deployment package (link on the right) and extract its contents to a temporary folder.
  2. Go to QPR UI folders view: http(s)s://SERVERNAME/ui/#/folders/ (replace SERVERNAME with the hostname of your QPR UI server).
  3. In QPR UI folders view, delete or rename possible previous versions of the QPR BusinessManagementSystem folders.
  4. Create a folder for the new QPR BusinessManagementSystem deployment and give it a name such as QPR BMS.
  5. Go to your new folder.
  6. Import the QPR BusinessManagementSystem view to the QPR UI folder from your temporary folder.
  7. Open the QPR BusinessManagementSystem view (Home view) using the following link: http(s)://SERVERNAME/ui/#/dashboard?sys:dashboardIdentifier=/QPR%20BMS/BMSHome (replace SERVERNAME with the hostname of your QPR UI server).