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QPR UI contains the following presentation objects:

Presentation object Overview and main usecases
Chart/Gauge Charts are used to visualize numerical data. For example bar charts, column charts, scatter charts, area charts and pie charts are available. Configuring charts is very flexible and similar to Excel possibilities are available. Example charts: https://www.highcharts.com/demo
Data Grid Data grid is a table which can present data from a dataset. Dataset is a flexible component supporting for example sorting, filtering, searching and grouping.
Editable Data Grid The Editable Data grid is a table which can both present data from a dataset and be used to edit the data.
External Content External Content presentation object shows an external webpage in an iframe.
HTML Content HTML presentation object renders HTML code enabling to define any HTML content. Custom presentation objects can interact with QPR UI's context mechanism.
Repeater Repeater shows multiple containers based on a dataset. The containers can have other presentation objects such as chart, tables or SVG. Repeated items are ordered from left to right and top to down.
SVG Content SVG presentation object renders an SVG code. SVG is useful for custom graphics and shapes.
View/Panel View is the top level container which contains panels. The top level container is opened in the web browser. Only QPR UI header is not part of the view (the header can also be hidden). Panel is container to group similar presentation objects. By default, panel has borders, but they can be hidden.