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Welcome to QPR UI Wiki! QPR UI is a state-of-the-art web user interface providing unified user experience across all QPR Software's products: QPR ProcessAnalyzer, QPR Metrics, QPR EnterpriseArchitect and QPR ProcessDesigner. QPR UI is a flexible user interface development platform providing possibility to design an intuitive and beautiful user interfaces for variety of different use cases. User interface implemented using QPR UI is inherently responsive and it works all sizes of devices, such as in mobile phones, tablets and desktops. To get started quickly with QPR UI, install Deployment Packages for the products you are using.

Designing User Interfaces

User interfaces designed using QPR UI consist of views, panels and presentation objects. View is the topmost level canvas that spans the whole screen, and panels in the view are used to group presentation objects visually together. Presentation objects are smallest building blocks of the user interface, and they are for example charts, tables, buttons and labels.

Querying from QPR Metrics and EA/PD

Tags and Variables

Managing Views

Presentation Objects

QPR UI contains variety of presentation objects for different purposes:

Data Visualization

Data Analytics

Customized and External Content

Installation and Administration