Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

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It is possible to load raw data into QPR ProcessAnalyzer and do the data transformation and loading into QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service via temporary database tables, so that the resulting transformed data can be used for analyses in QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

A user with the ManageIntegrations and RunScripts permissions can define a Load Script in the Model Properties dialog. The Load Script consists of SQL statements and QPR ProcessAnalyzer commands that take the preceding SQL statements as parameters.

Supported QPR ProcessAnalyzer Commands in Load Scripts

Creates an analysis from the data which the SQL statements given as parameters provide. The analysis parameters have to be defined in the SQL SELECT statements as follows:

SELECT '<Analysis Parameter>', '<Value>'

See Analysis Parameters for a list of supported analysis parameters in QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

The --#GetAnalysis command supports the following analysis types:

  • Case Analysis (5)
  • Event Analysis (6)
  • Event Type Analysis (7) Note: analysis is in table format only.
  • Variation Analysis (8) Note: analysis is in table format only.
  • User Report (11)
  • OperationLog Analysis (12)
  • Flow Analysis (13)
  • Influence Analysis (14)
  • Integration Table Analysis (18)